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Scrabble Cheat: Find all Scrabble Words!

Ultimate Scrabble Word Finder
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Ultimate Scrabble Word Finder

How to use Scrabble Cheat

Step 1: Enter your Scrabble letters
Step 2: Wildcard? Use a * or ?
Step 3: Top scoring words are on top!

Scrabble Cheat words

With Scrabble Cheat, you can search for the perfect Scrabble words to play. All you have to do in enter your 7 Letters and Scrabble Cheat shows you all possible words. To save you time, we rank the best Scrabble Words, for the most points, first in the Scrabble word list.

Scrabble Word Finder

Don't have time and looking for a quick way to find words? Then the above Scrabble Cheat is your go-to Cheat. When you got more time, for example when you play the Scrabble App on your phone or iPad, use our Scrabble Word Finder. The Scrabble Word Finder is dedicated to find the best Words on the Scrabble board. With your input of letters, blank tiles and position on the board, the Scrabble Word Finder shows you the exact Scrabble Word you are looking for to win every game.

Scrabble Helper tips:

  1. Use a * for a blank tile. You can also use the space bar, question mark, or dot for convenience. You will then see an asterisk.
  2. The Word Finder puts the word with the most points is on top.
  3. Use the menu if you want to quickly jump to the Scrabble dictionary of a specific word or letter.
  4. Do you disagree with a found word? Press the word and then the cross. This removes the word from the results.
  5. Use the Extended Scrabble Word Finder for more options to create more targeted words
  6. Place a shortcut on your mobile home screen. Then you always have the Scrabble word finder quickly at hand.

Learn more about the game on our what is scrabble page.

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